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Job Posting- Clinton Conservation District Executive Director POSITION DESCRIPITION

The position is full time with the Clinton Conservation District (CCD) located at 2343 N. US-27, St. Johns, MI, 48879. Starting salary is between $23-26 per hour, depending on qualifications. Benefits include paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave as well as defined contributions towards a retirement savings plan. The Executive Director provides administrative and program information/implementation support to the CCD Board of Directors in carrying out the District’s programs in conformance with the purpose of the District as defined by Michigan law. The position is responsible to a five-member Board of Directors that meets monthly and is directly supervised by the Chairman of the Board. Performance evaluation and decisions regarding salary and other compensation, disciplinary actions, and termination of employment are the responsibility of the entire CCD Board of Directors.

Some flexibility with scheduling is permitted and will, from time to time, be required. Employment is at the discretion of the Board and contingent upon factors determined by the Board including, but not limited to, available funding, job performance, changes in program direction or organization.

This professional position requires skills and experience in program development and administration, communication and partnership building, and financial management. A high degree of confidentiality, along with diplomacy is required. An applicant must be open to training and mentoring in order to develop an in-depth understanding of conservation practices as well as conservation programs available to assist land users in conserving soil, water, and related natural resources.



1. Understands the purpose, powers, programs, and responsibilities of the District.

2. Seeks information and keeps the Board informed about local, state, and federal regulations, laws, programs and/or activities that may impact the District. Compiles background information to facilitate the decision-making and policy-setting function of the Board of Directors.

3. Assists in coordinating District programs with the programs and activities of personnel from the United States Department of Agriculture – Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA-NRCS) and other federal, state, and local agencies involved in the conservation practices of related natural resources.

4. Seeks and prepares grant applications and other funding proposals as opportunities arise to enhance the District’s programs. Maintains records and submits grant reporting requirements as dictated by the individual grants funded. Oversees the grant deliverables to make sure they are met in a timely manner.

5. Serves as the day-to-day manager/administrator for all District conservation programs grants received. Coordinates volunteer assistance on projects and programs.

6. Assists the District chairperson in planning and conducting monthly board meetings. Prepares and distributes agendas, meeting packets, and records minutes of meetings. Ensures the District adheres to all Open Meetings Act requirements.

7. Assists the Directors in planning and conducting the District’s Annual Meeting and Election and ensures all legal election requirements are met as laid out in Conservation District Law.

8. Assists the Board of Directors in developing their strategic plan, annual plan of work, and publishing an annual report on the District’s mission, planned actions and accomplishments, priority resource assessment, and goals.

9. Assists Directors in developing closer working relationships with local units of government as well as local state and federal elected officials.

10. Required to supervise other District employees, prepare and update job descriptions, conduct evaluations, and recommend needed training, disciplinary action, and recognition of employee efforts.

11. Ensures that all funds are received and disbursed according to guidelines in the MACD Accounting Manual and follows Public Act 2 of 1968, for accounting and auditing purposes. Assumes responsibility for payroll, accounts payable/receivable, taxes, monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports. Assists with audits.

12. Ensures that accurate monthly financial reports are prepared for the Treasurer and the Board’s review and approval.

13. Understands and complies with the legal requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and acts as the FOIA Coordinator for the District, implementing the District’s FOIA policy as necessary.

14. Ensures the inventory of office supplies is sufficient to allow operations to continue efficiently and cost-effectively.

15. Understands and complies with the District’s Policy and Procedures and those prepared by the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Michigan Association of Conservation Districts (MACD).

16. Identifies funding sources and recommends action to the Board of Directors to secure adequate operating funds for the District.

17. Understands and complies with the legal requirements of the Conservation District Law, PA 45 of 2013, as amended.

18. Performs other duties as requested by the Board of Directors.


1. Provides leadership in planning and implementing the District’s information and educational outreach programs.

2. Oversees preparation of District press releases, newsletters, and other printed and digital material to promote the District’s mission and programs.

3. Presents, or oversees staff presentations on programs to key civic groups about the District’s mission, programs, and accomplishments.

4. Oversees maintenance of the District’s website and social media to ensure ongoing program developments and District information is updated regularly.

5. Assists in developing workshops and programs for land users interested in improving natural resources. Seeks cooperation and collaboration with local and regional partners in planning and implementing these events.

6. Assists and provides information to programs and educational resources available to local school teachers and other community groups.


1. Assists landowners about programs available to provide technical and financial assistance for applying conservation practices on their land.

2. Provides assistance in the execution of grants to fulfill required objectives.

3. Responds to telephone calls and walk-in requests for assistance and/or refers the request to the appropriate party/agency for assistance.

QUALIFICATIONS, EDUCATION / EXPERIENCE: College degree in agriculture or natural resources is strongly preferred. However, extensive experience in a similar position or a position with business management or non-profit administration experience will be considered. Knowledge and experience using QuickBooks for accounting is strongly preferred.


• Must be able to work independently without daily supervision and prioritize workload to complete tasks in a timely manner. Must be able to work as part of a diverse team. Maintains a positive attitude and possess professional motivation.

• Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.

• Ability to work with persons from many other organizations, agencies, and groups in a professional manner to project a favorable image of the District.

• Ability to use a computer and experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint is required.

• Normal work hours will be 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, participation in a limited number of evening meetings; weekend activities; or special events may be necessary. The Directors will determine policy on compensatory time as needed.

• Travel outside the office and county on behalf of the District will be necessary and will be reimbursed at the current federal mileage rate as outlined in the CCD Personnel Policy. Training sessions, meetings, or conferences may involve travel and/or overnight stays from time to time.

• Experience recruiting, coordinating and managing volunteers.

• A valid driver’s license is required. This position will also require an USDA-NRCS federal background check.


Position is open until filled. Please submit a cover letter indicating your interest and fit for the position, resume, and three references by Friday, February 11, 2022 at 4:30pm. Application packets should be directed to Andrea Polverento, CCD Board of Directors, by email at

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