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Forestry Program 

Over the years Clinton County landowners have expressed a high demand for technical assistance within their forested land. Clinton County currently does not have access to a District Forester. Most of the northern lower and UP have a District FAP forester. There is no one in our area to assist landowners in forest assessment, sustainability practices, stocking, and harvest quantity, etc.

Our office gets numerous calls from landowners that have questions about forestry. They don’t want to apply and wait up to a year for a formal forest management plan (FMP). Currently, we conduct the site visit but have limited knowledge and experience in certain areas such as forestry stockings, timber value, harvests, tree measurements, and emerging tree diseases. It is economically beneficial to the County to have forestry needs met to ensure proper use of wood products along with reducing pest and disease transmission by improper forestry activities. 

Trail in Woods


The Clinton Conservation District is providing opportunities for a free forestry service to interested residents who would like to be better stewards of their land. Woodlots should be over 5 acres and participants must attend the meeting to sign up. Spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis. The program is free, no obligation, and intended to provide management guidance for your forestland.

The forester can give information such as:


  • If the woodlot is ready/suitable for a timber harvest

  • The value of certain species, size requirements, harvest logistics

  • Identify species of trees

  • Identify invasive species in area

  • Give advice/tips on how to create better wildlife/deer habitat

  • Talk about different forest pests/diseases that are relevant to area

  • Next steps landowners can take towards their goals

Forest Road

Step 1: Think Goals
Timber profits, deer hunting, maple syrup, stocking, diversity, birding... what do you want your property to do for you?

Step 2: Attend & Sign Up

Interested landowners must attend the June 2nd meeting. Sign up slips will be available for attendees on a first come first serve basis.

Step 3: Site Visit
The forester will schedule a 2hr. visit with you on your land. During the visit you are encouraged to: discuss goals, ask questions, get their opinion, ID trees, they are there to help better your land.

Lumberjack in Forest
Foresters from the Association of Consulting Foresters will be there on June 2nd to talk about the benefits of having a consulting forester in your corner and why land functions best when it's managed. A landowner will give first-hand knowledge of how having a consulting forester has increased the value of his woods largely over the years and why negotiating logging contracts alone is not enough.
Anyone interested in a forestry consultation should attend the workshop to sign up. June 2nd, 2022 at 6:00-7:30 at Motz Park Pavilion, 4630 N Dewitt Rd, St Johns, MI 48879
Questions/RSVP call or text Katie Hafner (989) 640-4890

What exactly is ACF? Visit their website
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