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Agriscience at St. Johns High School

Clinton Conservation District along with local industry leaders have been working with St. Johns Public Schools to create agricultural based classes at SJHS for 2024 school year. In these courses, students will learn about the animal industry as well as a variety of careers related to the industry. This course involves hands-on learning as we learn about many different species of animals that are raised in Michigan. You will interactively explore the care, life systems, products, and economic impact of Michigan farm animals and pets. You will study plant propagation, ecosystems, and natural resources and how they work together for a sustainable future in Michigan through hands-on study of plants, natural resources, and Michigan wildlife. Activities include creating new plants from seeds, cuttings, etc., monitoring and creating animal habitats, strategizing how to protect ecosystems, and learning how to identify wildlife and manage their populations. FFA topics and events will be covered in this class, therefore FFA membership is included. Completing this program will earn 6 credits at Michigan State University.    

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