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Clinton County Local Agricultural Guide 

We are starting something new in 2024 – Clinton Conservation District’s Local Agriculture Guide

Last year, we joined up with Taste the Local Difference on their 2022 Local Food Guide with a one-page sponsored spread of local Clinton County farms included in their state-wide guide.

This year, we are bringing it home and creating our own guide focused solely on our local agricultural businesses in Clinton County. We felt a local approach would increase the benefits to our local agricultural businesses by tailoring the information included to what is most helpful to the public and the agricultural businesses. This flexibility could only be done at the local level and was needed to help direct the public to the correct addresses, ways to place orders, and understand what is available for purchase at each farm business.

Are you an agricultural business in Clinton County like...

  • Farms

  • Food Wholesalers

  • Orchards

  • Cut Flower Business 

  • Nurseries

  • Community Gardens

  • Donation Centers

  • Elevators

  • Conservation Seed Sales

  • Veggie Stands

Starting now, we are looking for local agricultural businesses that sell throughout Clinton County to
sign up to be included in this guide, free of charge!

Interested? Send Us Your Info!

If you are an agri-business owner and would like to be included in the 2024 guide (free of charge!), please reach out to us with your business’s information, including storefront address/contact information, how sales are done, and any seasonal information, if applicable. 

Please send us an email with all your information at


Entries received by November 1st, 2023 will be included in the physical 2024 guide. All others will still be included in our online guide.

Information needed:
- Business name
- Storefront address (if applicable)
- Public contact information

Please provide an email address for communication about the guide (this won’t be used
in the public contact information unless requested)

- How sales are done (CSA, Road-side Stand, Farm Market, Store, Online/Phone Orders only, etc.)
- Seasonal information (Open only during the Fall/Spring? Summer? What types of
produce/products are available?)

- If applicable: a picture of your farm or business logo

To view a sample webpage click here. 
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