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LIL' Bee Farms


Our Story

What We Sell

-Raw local honey
$8 a pound

My daughter and grandchildren, as well as my husband supply all the help to keep the apiary going . We have 10 beehives and that is plenty . Our hives are on our property and we are on the Looking Glass River.  We sell our honey as local wildflower honey and bottle in small quantities. Each season depending on the weather different blooms are available to the bees for varying amounts of time and the color as well as the taste can vary . We try to sort frames by color when extracting so you may see a color difference between the jars put out for sale, all that means is we are into a different pail of honey for bottling.

Everyday porch sales. Self-serve , prices marked and payment container on the porch –cash sales only , the honor system. Call for larger quantities or special orders. Generally available in ½ pound, 1 pound, and 2 pound  traditional glass containers. Specialty containers occasionally available .Bulk Pail and other sizes by request. We do have a limited amount of burr  comb with honey in the freezer as it would not keep well on the porch . Call 517-669-3729   the house phone and feel free to leave a message if you miss us. Text 517-490-4205 .I do not carry a cell phone on me. We usually have honey year round and if we sell out we will post a notice. Sometimes you will find us at small local venues and events.

Thank you for your interest in our bees and the honey they produce.

Dianne Karsten

Contact Information

3904 Round Lake Rd

DeWitt, MI 48820

Tel: 517-669-3729

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