Clinton Conservation District

 It is the mission of the Clinton Conservation District to provide information and technical assistance to private landowners, local units of government, educational institutions and other citizens to better understand, plan, manage, protect and utilize the resources of Clinton County.

 What are Conservation Districts?

Ongoing Projects

Habitat Improvement Projects are ongoing in the county. Over 350 acres will be improved by October 2020 through three grants provided by the Michigan DNR and an additional project grant through the Ruffed Grouse Society. Most of the projects are occurring on public lands within the county. Rose Lake State Game Area, Muskrat Lake State Game Area and Clinton Lakes County Park are just a few of the areas where small game and pheasant habitats are seeing improvements. A prescribed burn out at Clinton Lakes in early May took center stage as the 75 acre native prairie was introduced to controlled fire to help with regeneration. Read our latest News article on prescribed burns to learn about this maintenance technique used this spring throughout the county.

Workshops & Field Days are hosted by the Clinton Conservation District in partnership with local farms, businesses and organizations (such as MSU Extension). This year,  we are hosting a series of summer workshops on farm to bring you innovative technologies in farming. See the article on our Summer Workshop Series on the website’s News section to learn more.

News & Notes is the joint newsletter of Clinton County MSU Extension and the Clinton Conservation District. Our goal is to get information on agriculture and natural resources programs, research and resources to you in a timely manner. If you’d like to subscribe to e-mail, contact the Clinton County MSU Extension office


Attention Landowners! Dollars for You. Land for Hunters. HAP, The Hunting Access Program, is a financial opportunity for landowners that also provides public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan. It can also help control deer damage or nuisance wildlife. In 1977 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created the Public Access Stamp Program through Public Act 373 of 1976, with the purpose of leasing private lands to provide public access for hunting. The DNR places a high priority on providing hunting access on public and private land. Statewide, 21% of Michigan is public lands. The southern portion of the Lower Peninsula is where 89.7% of the states’ citizens live and only comprise 3% of public land. Clinton Conservation District is working in cooperation with Michigan DNR to assist landowners with applications for lease agreements in the Hunting Access Program (HAP). The District will appraise the applicants’ property for hunting purposes to determine habitat quality and post signs furnished by the DNR on property boundaries. Parcels must contain a MINIMUM of 20% grassland, wetland and/or forest habitat. Lease rates to landowners can be up to $25.00 per acre per year based upon quality of habitat. To get more information on this opportunity, go HERE

The Upper Maple River Watershed Management Plan The approved plan is available to view or download. To view the plan without appendices click here. To view appendices 1-4 click here. To view appendices 5-17 click here.