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Our mission is to provide information and technical assistance for Clinton County citizens to better understand, plan, manage, protect, and use natural resources.

UPDATE (5-24-2022): We are OPEN! Our office is fully open to the public. We cant wait too see all your smiling faces! Please note that our office availability will vary week to week based on COVID numbers in the county. 

Attention! As of May 24th, meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of the month starting in July 2022 until the end of the 2022 fiscal year. 



Clinton Lake County Park Prescribed Burn 

On May 13th the Clinton Lakes County Park performed a prescribed burn half of the 80 acres of grassland located South of the park entrance. The last burn was performed in 2019. The purpose of this burn was to remove cottonwood trees that were starting to overtake the area, and to set grasses back to allow an increase in forb diversity. 


The burn was done by a private company trained to perform burns like this. Fire brakes were maintained around the entire perimeter, and crews were on site the entire time. This burn was slow and controlled to allow time for any wildlife to escape the area and find shelter in the other 40 acres of untouched grassland. We cannot wait to see what new life will start to grow here!  happening.

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Attention Landowners! Dollars for You. Land for Hunters. HAP, The Hunting Access Program, is a financial opportunity for landowners that also provides public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan. It can also help control deer damage or nuisance wildlife. In 1977 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created the Public Access Stamp Program through Public Act 373 of 1976, with the purpose of leasing private lands to provide public access for hunting. The DNR places a high priority on providing hunting access on public and private land. Statewide, 21% of Michigan is public lands. The southern portion of the Lower Peninsula is where 89.7% of the states’ citizens live and only comprise 3% of public land. Clinton Conservation District is working in cooperation with Michigan DNR to assist landowners with applications for lease agreements in the Hunting Access Program (HAP). The District will appraise the applicants’ property for hunting purposes to determine habitat quality and post signs furnished by the DNR on property boundaries. Parcels must contain a MINIMUM of 20% grassland, wetland and/or forest habitat. Lease rates to landowners can be up to $25.00 per acre per year based upon quality of habitat. 

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