Clinton Conservation District

 It is the mission of the Clinton Conservation District to provide information and technical assistance to private landowners, local units of government, educational institutions and other citizens to better understand, plan, manage, protect and utilize the resources of Clinton County.

 What are Conservation Districts?

Ongoing Projects

Upper Maple River Watershed Implementation Project The Clinton Conservation District has received implementation funding to carry out projects identified in the Upper Maple River Watershed Plan. To learn more about our Agriculture Best Management Practices Cost-share Program take a look at our UMR BMP Brochure then give us a call or stop in to learn how you can participate.

Check out this video on the benefits of using drainage water control structures in Michigan — these structures are cost-shared through the District for Maple River Watershed producers!


Mid-Michigan Septic Ordinance Public Hearing Oct. 15th

There will be a public hearing hosted by the Mid-Michigan Board of Health regarding the proposed septic system ordinance on October 15th at 6 pm. The meeting will be held at the Gratiot Branch Office at 151 Commerce Dr., Ithaca, MI 48847. The draft ordinance language is posted online at the link below. This is a chance for the public to address the Board of Health and its member counties before they act on the ordinance. Please attend to have any questions answered regarding the ordinance or to show your support!

Proposed Ordinance Language

Protect Your Groundwater Week Sept. 4th – 7th 

This week we are offering free Well Water Screening in our office. Bring a sample of your well water in following the instructions below to our office any time during this week for your free screening.

Directions for sample collection:

  1. Pick a tap that supplies water that has not run through any treatment devices (water softener, carbon filter, etc.). An outdoor faucet often works well.
  2. Run the water for 20-30 minutes before collecting the sample to flush the water pressure tank so you can collect a valid sample. Disconnect any hoses before collecting the sample; do not sample through a hose. Fill sample bottle with at least 1 ounce of water.
  3. Label bottle clearly with your name, sampling date, and well name (cottage well, Mom’s well, etc.).
  4. Keep the sample dark and cold (on ice or refrigerated) until it is dropped off.

All results are confidential.  On-site screening will indicate nitrate and nitrite levels. You will be mailed a final copy of your results in 8 to 10 weeks, with information about what to do if the concentration of nitrate or nitrite is too high.

Attention Landowners! Dollars for You. Land for Hunters. HAP, The Hunting Access Program, is a financial opportunity for landowners that also provides public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan. It can also help control deer damage or nuisance wildlife. In 1977 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created the Public Access Stamp Program through Public Act 373 of 1976, with the purpose of leasing private lands to provide public access for hunting. The DNR places a high priority on providing hunting access on public and private land. Statewide, 21% of Michigan is public lands. The southern portion of the Lower Peninsula is where 89.7% of the states’ citizens live and only comprise 3% of public land. Clinton Conservation District is working in cooperation with Michigan DNR to assist landowners with applications for lease agreements in the Hunting Access Program (HAP). The District will appraise the applicants’ property for hunting purposes to determine habitat quality and post signs furnished by the DNR on property boundaries. Parcels must contain a MINIMUM of 20% grassland, wetland and/or forest habitat. Lease rates to landowners can be up to $25.00 per acre per year based upon quality of habitat. To get more information on this opportunity, go HERE

The Upper Maple River Watershed Management Plan The approved plan is available to view or download. To view the plan without appendices click here. To view appendices 1-4 click here. To view appendices 5-17 click here.

Other Current District Initiatives and Activities News & Notes is the joint newsletter of Clinton County MSU Extension and the Clinton Conservation District. Our goal is to get information on agriculture and natural resources programs, research and resources to you in a timely manner. If you’d like to subscribe to e-mail, contact us at