Programs & Education

How does the Conservation District educate the community?

How does the Conservation District work with agricultural producers?



Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP)
MAEAP Progressive Planning is a voluntary, non-regulatory program that allows small and medium-sized producers to chart a path toward environmental assurance for their farms. More Info

To learn more about the MAEAP Program contact Lindsey Martin, at the Clinton Conservation District Office, (989) 224-3720 ext. 3 or via email.

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS):
The mission of the NRCS is to provide leadership in a partnership effort to help people conserve, improve, and sustain our natural resources and environment.  Working closely with NRCS, the District has a Conservation Technical Assistance Initiative (CTAI) Specialist. The CTAI Specialist position is funded jointly by NRCS and the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  This position is focused on working with farmers to implement Farm Bill programs. More Info

Forest & Wildlife Management Assistance:
The Clinton Conservation District provides minimal forestry services.  While we have an abundance of forestry experience in our office, no funding is currently available. More Info