Amelanchier canadensis

Transplant 12-24"


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Shadblow serviceberry is a deciduous, early-flowering, large shrub or small tree. often found growing in clumps in swamps, bogs, lowlands, and thickets and grows 15-25 feet tall. In spring the showy, fragrant flowers bloom in clusters before leaf-out. The purple berry-like drupes follow and are attractive to wildlife and edible by humans. In fall the leaves turn showy red and orange. 


This tree prefers part shade and moist well-drained sandy loam but is adaptable to both wet and dry sites and various soil types. It is somewhat clay tolerant. It will grow in full sun but appreciates afternoon shade especially in the south and will require moister soil. It is somewhat tolerant of salt but not of urban conditions.

Serviceberry, Shadbush