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2017 Natural Resource Assessment Results

Conservation districts around Michigan use Natural Resource Assessments to help guide programs to serve the needs of their communities. The Natural Resource Assessment is completed every five years to continually gauge what’s important to you and your family now.

The Clinton Conservation District uses the results in a variety of ways that includes seeking funding for programs that are needed to fulfill the community’s natural resource concerns. The Natural Resource Assessment will help the District write grants that focus on the areas the community sees as most valuable, will help guide the MAEAP Technician goals and help us know where to spend our time on education.

Below are a few of the most important survey results.  As always, please call or email our office with any questions.

natresassessment graph Q1

natresassessment graph Q3

natresassessment graph Q4


Smart Drainage Field Day: Use It, Don’t Lose it!

On August 28th the Conservation District along with MSU Extention, Clinton County Farm Bureau, and NRCS held a Use It Don’t Lose It field day in Fowler. We had a fantastic turnout and great demonstrations promoting conservation practices that protect water quality and can increase yield potential. We would like to thank Claude and Cecile Feldpausch for hosting the event and all our partners that helped make the day a huge success. To see a short video about the event click here.