What are Craneberries? How do you Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Rebekah Struck Faivor, CTAI Technician

As we all get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, there are so many things people look forward to. For my family, it is getting ready to go deer hunting in our 65 acre woodlot. My dad, siblings, and I scurry off to the woods excited and wait to see who will be the first person to see and shoot a deer.

This year is a bit different; we won’t be able to gather with all our aunts, uncles, and cousins. But, but we can celebrate memories. How you ask?

For example, Leo, my son, was telling me about craneberries this morning. I asked him what are craneberries? He told me his teacher was telling him about cranberries, and back in the day, the bushes look like crane’s long necks. My dad told Leo about my Grandma’s cranberry and apple sauce recipe. Of course, my dad only remembers the apples and cranberries and grinding it up- no other details. So, I call my Aunt Jackie and ask her if she knows the recipe. My Aunt Jackie then texts my Aunt Bev to see if she remembers. Finally, I call my sister, Rachel, who comes to the rescue with a small slip of paper from my Grandma’s old recipes.

How can you make the best of this crazy situation we are in? Call your family. Talk about the good old days and the recipes you like. You may learn about an old family recipe or just have fun catching up.

Recipe by: Grandma Eladine Struck