Save Michigan’s trees from forest pests – Your firewood choices matter

Erin Pavloski, Regional Invasive Species Coordinator, Mid-Michigan CISMA

Your cut firewood may seem healthy, but invasive forest pests and diseases can be lurking inside. How can we protect the forests we love? Don’t move firewood.

October is Firewood Month and it is a great time to remind us of the simple actions we can take to help reduce the spread of forest pests and diseases, like beech bark disease or oak wilt, or keep new pests from entering Michigan, like Asian longhorned beetle or spotted lanternfly. You can help by:

  • Leaving firewood at home
  • Gathering firewood at your campsite, if permitted
  • Buying local firewood where you’ll burn it
  • Buying certified firewood
  • Leaving unused firewood at your campsite- don’t take it home

Remember, your firewood choices matter and can save trees from forest pests! Learn more at and