Invasive Japanese knotweed: Now is a great time to spot it

Erin Pavloski, Regional Invasive Species Coordinator, Mid-Michigan Cooperative Invasive Species Management Area,

It’s September and the time of year that invasive knotweed is in bloom. Now is a great time to spot Japanese knotweed and report it to the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network (MISIN, miss-UN). You help the Mid-Michigan CISMA by reporting to MISIN using the smartphone app, or online at

Japanese knotweed in bloom, Clinton County (9-3-2019)

Japanese knotweed, also known as “Michigan bamboo,” is a perennial, herbaceous shrub. It can invade a wide variety of habitats and tolerate different soils. This invasive species can spread by plant fragments, so it is important to not mow, cut, till, or dig this plant during its active season. Still not sure how to properly identify Japanese knotweed? Click HERE to do a brief training module.

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