MAEAP is a comprehensive proactive and voluntary agricultural pollution prevention program.  It takes a systems approach to assist producers in evaluating their farms for environmental risks.  The program includes applicable Generally Accepted Agriculture Practices (GAAMPs) established under Michigan Right to Farm.  This program also ensures producer confidentiality for any information provided in connection with the development, implementation or verification of a conservation plan or associated practices and is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.  There have been many local farms in Clinton County that have become MAEAP verified thus promoting environmental stewardship.  Some of the stewardship practices that will reduce risks may cost very little and take very little time to implement.  Other practices or structures may involve additional cost and may not be implemented for a few years.  Working with Clinton County’s MAEAP Technician will help you with a plan to reduce risks on your farm on your timeline.  Call the office today to learn more!

Eric Bak, MAEAP Technician, Clinton County