Clinton County: Conservation Strong with MAEAP!

MAEAP recently held a 5,000th Verification Celebration in Lansing, to highlight the success of this voluntary environmental program that helps farms of all types and sizes prevent and minimize pollution risks. Clinton County is a strong component of Michigan’s total voluntary verifications with 95 achieved over 15 years. There are over 50 landowners currently working with the program to reduce risks and achieve verifications. The Miller family, of Elsie, has worked to achieve two verifications, Cropping and Livestock. They have taken steps with their field cropping practices and livestock housing requirements to reduce environmental risks. The Millers have been utilizing environmentally-friendly farming practices for decades which include minimum tillage, no-tillage, frequent soil sampling, planting cover crops, and storing fertilizers in a way that reduces the chance of a spill. Three generations actively participate in the success of JD Miller Farms. One of the annual family activities that ties all the generations together is their sap harvest and maple syrup production. The family has been participating in this Michigan tradition for as long as they can remember. The Millers are pillars in their community and will be participating in this year’s Eat Healthy Eat Local festival in May. Their reasons for participating in the festival is not only to sell their maple syrup but to teach attendees about sustainable farming. Stop by and talk to JD Miller Farms about what MAEAP means to them and why they chose to be one of the farms comprising the 1st 5,000 verifications in Michigan!
— Lindsey Martin, Clinton County MAEAP Technician