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 Smart Drainage Field Day:Use It, Don't Lose it!

The Conservation District along with MSU Extention, Clinton County Farm Bureau, and NRCS will be hosting a demonstration field day promoting conservation practices that protect water quality and can increase yield potential. Come join us August 28th from 8:30 to Noon at 2435 N. Tallman Rd, Fowler MI. Sign up for MAEAP Phase 1 Credit and be put into a drawing to win a free spill kit.  For more information click Smart Drainage Field Day.


Spring Tree Sale Information

Thank you to everyone who purchased trees from our 2014 Spring Tree Sale.  Planning is underway for the Fall Sale to be held in early October.  Please contact the office if you have suggestions for the fall sale or next year's spring sale.  Please check back for Fall Tree Sale info coming soon.


  Congratulations to Clark Farms, the 2014 Conservationist of the Year!


Upper Maple River Watershed Implementation Project  The Clinton Conservation District has recieved implementation funding to carry out projects identified in the Upper Maple River Watershed Plan.  To learn more about our implementation project click here.


Attention Landowners!  Dollars for You.  Land for Hunters.

HAP, The Hunting Access Program, is a financial opportunity for landowners that also provides public hunting opportunities in southern Michigan. It can also help control deer damage or nuisance wildlife.

In 1977 the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) created the Public Access Stamp Program through Public Act 373 of 1976, with the purpose of leasing private lands to provide public access for hunting.   The DNR places a high priority on providing hunting access on public and private land.  Statewide, 21% of Michigan is public lands.   The southern portion of the Lower Peninsula is where 89.7% of the states’ citizens live and only comprise 3% of public land.

Clinton Conservation District is working in cooperation with Michigan DNR to assist landowners with applications for lease agreements in the Hunting Access Program (HAP).  The District will appraise the applicants’ property for hunting purposes to determine habitat quality and post signs furnished by the DNR on property boundaries.  Parcels must contain a MINIMUM of 20% grassland, wetland and/or forest habitat. Lease rates to landowners can be up to $25.00 per acre per year based upon quality of habitat.

To get more information on this opportunity, go HERE


The Upper Maple River Watershed Management Plan  The approved plan is available to view or download. To view the plan without appendices click here.  To view appendices 1-4 click here.  To view appendices 5-17 click here.

Other Current District Initiatives and Activities
**In cooperation with the MDNRE, we are pursuing funding to raise the level of Muskrat Lake. **We have 2 more research Filter Mounds operating in Clinton County for milkhouse wastewater disposal. **We have a small grant to monitor installed bank pins to determine erosion in both the Looking Glass and Maple Rivers.

News & Notes is the joint newsletter of Clinton County MSU Extension and the Clinton Conservation District. Our goal is to get information on agriculture and natural resources programs, research and resources to you in a timely manner. Click here to see the 
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Upper Looking Glass Watershed Management Plan
The MDNRE, Clinton Conservation District, Friends of the Looking Glass, and other involved partners completed the Management Plan. We will apply for implementation funds when available. The approved plan can be be read or downloaded


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